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Nearly 8 years ago


Antonio Giacca, originally from Rome (Italy) has lived and travelled all over the world to produce and perform his music headlining parties in

Alpine Universe EDM Publicist
Nearly 8 years ago


Alpine is a new music project developed by the French multi-instrumentalist and producer Andy Favre. He is best known for winning the Insomniac

Kalm Kaoz dance music pro
Nearly 8 years ago


The name Kalm Kaoz is a definitive paradox, and once hearing the music from this electronic House music producer, the name makes complete

Earbutter dance music promotion publicist
Nearly 8 years ago


Earbutter is a multi talented musician and extreme sports athlete living in Los Angeles California. Whether it’s rocking house music venues, Trap venues,

Book Hibernate
Nearly 8 years ago


HIBERNATE OFFICIAL | HIBERNATE YOUTUBE A native of Toronto, Canada, Joseph Michael Borg has been involved with music since the age of 15. The younger